Personal Review: The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub

‘But Kathryn, you don’t work for the Body Shop anymore, so why do you keep reviewing their products?’

Because in the reviewing world I can have favourites.

And because on this occasion, I really enjoy getting out of my shower smelling like punchy raspberry jam and then abruptly ordering the closest person to me to smell me – person can also be replaced with cat who definitely judges me for this.


So, The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry ScrubΒ is definitely a seasonal favourite of mine and I refuse to accept second best in the form of the year-round available strawberry range – because if I’m being honest, the strawberry range ranks at the VERY bottom of my Body Shop lust list, it’s far too sickly sweet and tween-y smelling for my liking – so of course, my jaw pretty much hit the floor when I was walking past my local Body Shop on the day their mid year sale was finishing and saw a raspberry display practically screaming “I HAVE RETURNED!” and I just had to celebrate this.

Enter, one of the best Body Shop scrubs.

It seems to have that perfect balance of moisture and exfoliating ability which other body scrubs just fall short of – here’s looking at you Mango and Coconut; it’s not you, it’s me, I’m just too sensitive for your harshness and and averted to your creaminess respectively – and don’t overpower your bathroom with a heavy scent. I find that I don’t need to apply a lot – this may be simply because I have short legs – and that after a few brisk circular motions, I can already feel that my skin is a lot more supple.

The scrub itself contains all the good stuff – yay for Community Fair Trade! – to make you smell like a freshly baked raspberry dessert:

  • Raspberry Fruit Extract: No need to exclaim, “I can’t believe it’s not raspberry!”, because it most certainly is, in all its jammy goodness (for the record, I normally don’t like jam. This is just proof I prefer it on my body and not my toast.)
  • Raspberry Seed: These natural little exfoliators have no sharp edges so you’ll be safe from any micro-cuts that could cause damage to your skin, instead they merely whisk away any dead skin patches.
  • Walnut Shell Powder: Many body scrubs make use of sugar or coffee granules to get a good scrub going, however in this particular skin saviour, we have walnut shell powder, a unique ingredient which once again is non-abrasive and instead buffs away the unwanted skin.
  • Honey: The moisture maker! Once that little exfoliating army of walnut shells and raspberry seeds have done their job, in comes honey to make your skin super smooth and to lock in long-lasting moisture. I find that the inclusion of the honey is better than a creamy body scrub type as they can sometimes leave what feels like a thin film of moisture across my skin, whereas as honey absorbs almost immediately and then locks in moisture for a longer period of time.

Is it just me or was that ingredient list really beginning to sound like a raspberry dessert recipe?

Now, while I can most definitely vouch for all the good vibes this scrub brings to your shower time, not everything in this world can be perfect, sadly.

Yes, you only have to use a small scoopful of this product per leg – I usually find that I end up using three scoops altogether, one per leg and one scoop for both arms and torso – but this can sometimes be hard to judge when you’re in the shower and you’re singing to your favourite tunes and there’s water everywhere and you have no free hands and you don’t want to make a mess.

I totally get it.

Less is definitely more, but at the same time, you don’t want to be double dipping into the container and risking water infiltrating this pot of goodness. It would be more effective to have this scrub in a bottle similar to the Strawberry Body Polish, or even the Body Sorbets because you would ultimately have better control over the portion sizing of the scrub – okay I really am thinking about dessert now.

I would also personally prefer a larger tub so that this glorious product could last so much longer and then I wouldn’t have to spend so much time crossing my fingers hoping that it will be in the next Christmas or mid-year release, but for now, I’ll savour every last drop.

My words of wisdom for this product as well:

  • This scrub can NOT be used on your face. I met many a customer in my time at The Body Shop who revealed to me that they used their body scrub for their face as well to save time and money. This is definitely not one of the concoctions that you can do that with. My suggestion would be to use the Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance MaskΒ and to let that work its magic as you scrub away the week.
  • This product can make the perfect addition to a relaxing bath. Simply use the scrub first before you step into the bath, and then wash it away and relax in a cloud of raspberry scented bliss.

My final word on this product?

It’s amazing, and yes, I am somewhat biased in saying that.

But I am also honest in all of my reviews, so I suggest you give this body scrub a try if you are in need of a gentle exfoliator and long lasting moisture in these unpredictable winter months.

Keep your eyes peeled though, this is definitely a treasure that requires some searching to find!


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