Personal Review: The Body Shop Drops of Light Face Wash

Winter is well and truly here – thanks for constantly giving us all the cold shoulder Melbourne! – and that bright summery glow of the skin is now hidden away beneath layers of scarves and coat collars to avoid being stripped away by icy winds.

Unfortunately, these winds, plus the constant wall of heat from your central heating or your mini heater – don’t lie, you totally have a heater in front of you right now, I know it…although here’s me typing under a blanket with the heater on and a heat bag on my lap – does tend to sap any remaining moisture and glow from our beautiful faces. Many of us however, don’t understand the impact that the changing seasons have on our skin and instead blame other external reasons such as, “I’m hormonal so I’m breaking out”, “maybe I’m not eating healthy enough so my skin is more oily”, “I didn’t drink enough today so my skin is dry”. While these reasons are all still valid, the weather can have as significant an impact on our skin as it can on our hair, and even our attitude – am I the only one more grouchy in winter because it is too cold to do anything?

This impact then requires us to shake up the normal routine, to be bold and experiment with with products to suit our winter skin-drobe. Yes, you may have oily skin in the summer and then flaky skin in the winter; don’t freak out! Your skin will still love you when you find that one winter product that kicks flaky skin’s ass!

So what is this product?

For me, it’s definitely The Body Shop’s Drops of Light Clarifying Foam Wash. I found this little gem during my time working for The Body Shop and was originally sceptical about just how promising it was. It is marketed as a product which can clarify your complexion and assist in reducing any noticeable signs of hyper-pigmentation.

Hyper-pigmentation: Where patches of skin become darker in colour when excess melanin deposits form in the skin. These dark spots often occur on the face and hands, or other bodily areas that experience frequent exposure to the sun.

However, I don’t use this product to assist with hyper-pigmentation because as many of my friends knows no matter how much sun I am exposed to, I can still reflect the sun’s rays because I am so damn pale. Instead, I use this face wash for its clarifying and brightening features.

My skin is generally a normal to combination skin type and breakouts most definitely do happen for me around hormonal times of the month. Now in the summer, I rely on The Body Shop’s Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel WashΒ to keep my oily skin at bay, but in the winter, this becomes too harsh for my delicate skin and proceeds to strip away the necessary moisture that my skin needs to combat the drying nature of winter heaters. So what was I to use in the winter? I still wanted to maintain a squeaky clean complexion but not feel dry, while not losing my summer glow.

The Drops of Light Wash has me completely covered:

  • It contains red algae extract: This extract houses a power concoction of Vitamin C, nutrients and minerals, which actively works to brighten the skin over time and assists the pigmentation process in two ways.
  • It contains Marula Oil: Sourced from Namibia where marula oil is abundant, the trade of this oil assists the 5,000 women of the Eudafano Women’s Co-operative – I always feel good knowing that I have supported sustainable trade and a good cause by purchasing products with heart.
  • It lathers REALLY well: Like, ridiculously well. Some people may be opposed to lather, but I prefer to feel and see the product working. If it’s got a good lather I am a happy little bubble.
  • The smell is non offensive: For those with a sharp nose, the scent of this product is gone long before you step out of the shower, in fact, once the product is washed from your face, you won’t even remember the smell was there. For those who enjoy a scent while cleaning however, there is a subtle, almost ocean like fragrance to me that isn’t overbearing but instead transports you to far off locations while you buff your skin troubles away.
  • You only need a drop: Just the one, and it doesn’t even have to be a huge drop. Just squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your fingertip or facial brush – I recommend using a facial brush as it definitely gets into all the lines and crevices that hands can’t quite penetrate and generates an even better lather – and buff the skin in smooth, circular motions toward the outer edges of your face. When you’re done? Simply use a soft washcloth or your hands to gently sweep away excess product and you’ll be left with a squeaky clean finish.
  • It doesn’t strip your skin’s moisture: While the handy squeeze tube most clearly says that this is a clarifying wash, it doesn’t leave your face reddened and feeling stripped down as some washes can do. Instead it provides a deep-clean feeling in the shower but retains the skins natural moisture and bounce once you’re finished. The skin doesn’t feel oily, it simply feels fresh and young again, with a bright glow to boot thanks to our good friend Vitamin C! You could almost get away with simply washing your face with this product and then popping off to bed – but of course, it is recommended that you maintain a full skincare routine, so try incorporating The Body Shop’s Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial OilΒ for a moisture and age-fighting boost!

What more could you want from the one bottle?

Now don’t worry, if you’re like me and already have a pearly white complexion, this product will not make you look as though someone has turned a flashlight onto your face, it merely brightens your appearance, and you’ll notice the difference when work colleagues start commenting on how awake and fresh you look in the office. Additionally, this product is completely use-able every day of the week, even when you exfoliate or use your weekly mask, this facial wash can still be paired with those products.

Finally, this product will last you for months, no joke! I initially bought my first tube of this product in approximately – memory don’t fail me now! – October / November last year, and it lasted me all the way through to approximately March of this year, how awesome is that? So of course because it was on sale last week – $12.00, how could I resist? – I just had to finally grab another tube of this wonder product.

It is suitable for all skin types so, do your skin a favour this winter and get it a little treat to keep your healthy glowing complexion going all throughout the year!


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