Good things come to those who sweat…

Don’t even try to kid me into thinking that you’re not sitting there reading this with your Easter chocolate in your hand or you’re debating what Easter leftover you can have tonight, it’s been a guilty weekend, but we can all own it.

It’s amazing just how much Easter has truly exploded in the last few years to become as much of a consumer holiday as Christmas is. It really has just gone beyond the innocent Easter egg hunts of past years and family gifting to become something so extravagant; trying to get through the shopping centres the days beforehand was absolute bedlam. Yet again, I think the true meaning of a holiday is being swallowed by consumers wanting to capitalise on material products.

But that is not the focus of today! The focus of today has been refocusing myself after a whirlwind weekend of indulging in good food, family fun and probably far too many treats that have no deal being in my diet on a regular basis. Now a YOLO meal definitely isn’t a bad thing every now and again, but when you have a YOLO weekend……well, you know it’s kind of gone way out of hand. So, you’ve got to refocus with a decent amount of exercise that actually gets you excited so that you come out of the weekend wanting to get back on the metaphorical treadmill – or literal treadmill if that is your thing!

My thing?


Now there may be some of you who have just sat there and said: “Blog-who?” or even “But your header image has a pole in it?” But hopefully some of you actually understand who I’m referring to and can also get excited about how enjoyable her workouts are.

So, before I launch into my my opinions of her workouts and the current results that I see from them, I do want to make it clear that I am by no means an expert in the exercise field, and I’m not necessarily making recommendations within this blog, but simply sharing my experiences and benefits from the combination of exercises that I do.

So onwards!

I have been following Blogilates on a regular basis since approximately 2012 when I would have to be hiding in my wardrobe in my room at my parents house, and doing exercise at incredibly random times of the day so that I didn’t make too much noise or so that no one saw that I was doing. At the time, it was very much a “guilty pleasure” exercise regime I had going because I felt ridiculously out of shape and so unfit and I knew that throughout my schooling people had also thought that about me. My mindset was, if I did a month of this form of exercise, or if I did one of the routines at least 4 times a week, then surely only a short time later I’d be looking hot as hell and I’d be fit as a fiddle.

But either I had a short attention span, or simply no dedication to my physical wellbeing, but sooner rather than later, I’d drop right off the wagon and then be cursing myself and consoling myself with chocolate bars on the way home from university – where I thought I got my cardio from running for the trams and strutting across the campus to make various classes. So the years progressed and my on and off love affair with Blogilates continued. I would do one routine, see immediate effect and then complain when that result didn’t hang around. Then when I started pole, the improvement process really began. I knew that, if I was wanting gain strength for pole to be able to correctly execute moves, I would have to add some sort of constructive workout to my pole journey because I couldn’t be at the pole studio every day of the week no matter how much I loved it.

The obvious answer here would be, gym!

“A gym?! What’s a gym?!”

I did have a gym membership but I have to say that it was honestly one of the worst decisions that I made for my health and most definitely my pocket. I got into a local gym because of the usual lure of discounts and free trial weeks and it was literally a short walk away from where I was staying at the time. But after nearly twelve months of spending over $100 a month and going for less than an hour a month, I knew I needed to change tack.

Re-enter Blogilates! And re-enter a more positive focus on Blogilates. And fast forward to just a couple of months ago.

I began really dedicating an hour of my time each day to completing her calendar workouts from start to finish. Not gonna lie, sometimes it can become a real struggle and all you want to do is just swear at the computer screen, and go grab a bag of chips and watch the videos instead of completing them. But then, I saw the emerging results of persistence.

My shoulder muscles are so much more defined.

My thighs – which have always been an insecurity – are slowly slimming down.

My excess fat around my midsection is gradually becoming less and less.

My booty – which has always been quite, shall we say, prominent for a simple white girl – is definitely beginning to pop more and I’m becoming a lot more proud of it.

But the two best points of my consistency with this regime? My boobs and my overall strength. Now that probably sounds a little forward mentioning that first point, but girl, seriously. Let me just take an appreciation moment here!

I have fluctuated in the past between and E and a C – the former when I let go of my image in relationships and the latter when my life was in total shambles – but they have always been quite droopy even when they’re a consistent D cup. Now, I have always, ALWAYS been told that when you exercise, it is hardest to lose weight from your butt and thighs, but it is easiest to lose it from your boobs – which is another reason why I didn’t want to exercise because I was crying in the corner like “Noooo, my assets!”. But surprisingly, that hasn’t happened. That is because I’m not making weight loss my overall goal; my overall goal is to be a better version of myself, and if weight is lost along the way then so be it. Instead, a lot of the arm routines that I am doing are activating my pectoral muscles and shoulder muscles to make me look leaner but to also increase the strength of those muscles, and so, it is actually improving my chest area.

So props for that!

Now, my overall strength. I noticed it most definitely in my recent pole photo-shoot – which can be seen in my new header image – when I was either climbing the spin pole or when I was in my headstands. Normally I don’t have the strength or coordination to even go one climb up the spin pole, and I can never hold a back crucifix or a headstand for longer than a couple of seconds because I can just feel that my back is about to give way and my arms are shaking and I just do not have the strength to support myself. This is a predicament that I can’t continue to have while moving forward in my pole endeavours because I need to be able to throw myself upside down and spin with ease for upcoming performances – here’s lookin’ at you Unleashed, I’m coming for you!

You don’t even realise how effectively you’ve exercised sometimes. There will be videos that I do that I look at and say “Oh, they’re 9 minutes long. Sweet, I can knock that over easy.” But the video length does not interpret to the difficulty, because I can guarantee that at the end of those 9 minute videos, I will basically just faceplant the floor and hope that the video just automatically closes itself so I don’t have to move anything. And as for the post exercise burn? You think that you don’t feel those saddlebag shavers or hip twists straight away? Oh girl, you will eat your words the very next morning. But I’m super thankful that these videos are only eight to maybe fifteen minutes long, I just don’t think I can stay committed to an hour long video if it’s the same repetitions constantly, at least this way, I’m doing five different videos per day and experiencing an array of different moves.

I have found that pilates and yoga are most enjoyable for me simply because, I don’t like gyms, I don’t want to use machines, and because I build muscle far too quickly, I can’t use actual weights or I bulk but nothing becomes lean. Blogilates has honestly been the best option for me, it doesn’t require any equipment, you can do it at literally any time of the day and in any location and you are responsible for your own progress. You are using your own weight to get the results, and it’s not so in your face, excessively advertised or over-hyped, it is a very real exercise regime.

Can’t do pushups on your toes? That’s totally cool, you can do them on your knees.

Can’t do leg lifts with your legs completely extended? That’s fine, just bend at the knees slightly.

Can’t complete the cardio session in one go? That’s acceptable, just take a breather and then go again.

You set your own pace and can take ownership of your own results because you’re not on a time limit and you don’t have to make a certain number of uses out of it because it’s not something that you need to pay for. I have now been consistently doing Blogilates for roughly a month and a half, and I’ll admit, I just went four days without it because, Easter. Simple as that. But already I’m like, I need to get back into it because I didn’t feel as alive and invigorated as I have been when exercising. So, I exercised this morning, and immediately felt on top of the world. I felt empowered and knew that I was making progress.

Do I have a badonkadonk like Queen Bey? No, but I don’t have to. I just have to love the butt I’ve been blessed with.

Do I have a tiny waist like a supermodel? No, but you can bet I’m loving how hourglass I look currently.

I’m sure that, as long as I actually remain focused this time, my results will definitely more significant than in my university days because I’m not running for trams and then immediately drowning my sorrows in chocolate. So girl, have your YOLO weekend and devour all the Easter chocolate that you need to. But remember that you then don’t need to dread getting back into exercise if it is actually a form of exercise that you can get excited about. Find what makes you tick. Be it hot yoga, or a twerking class, or a gym session, or Zumba, or pole dancing! Or Blogilates!

I love my combination of Blogilates and pole dancing, and honestly don’t think I could find a more invigorating and rewarding exercise combination, and I will keep setting myself goals for this month, next month and beyond.


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