Undefined Aspirations

Personal Review: The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub

'But Kathryn, you don't work for the Body Shop anymore, so why do you keep reviewing their products?' Because in the reviewing world I can have favourites. And because on this occasion, I really enjoy getting out of my shower smelling like punchy raspberry jam.

The Amateurs Guide to Hobbyist Modelling

Hobbyist modelling doesn't come with an instruction manual. It doesn't come with classes on how to pose, how to present yourself and how to make good connections. You sort of just, stumble upon it and make your own way. Or at least that's what I've been doing.

Personal Review: The Body Shop Drops of Light Face Wash

Winter is well and truly here - thanks for constantly giving us all the cold shoulder Melbourne! - and that bright summery glow of the skin is now hidden away beneath layers of scarves and coat collars to avoid being stripped away by icy winds. Don't freak out! Your skin will still love you when you find that one winter product that kicks flaky skin's ass!

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Have you ever been around or know a person who will have an issue with another individual but in reality, the issue lies first and foremost with them? It's these types of people that I often want to provide with a mirror so that - as any good parent would say - they can take a long hard look in the mirror.

Good things come to those who sweat…

You don't even realise how effectively you've exercised sometimes. There will be videos that I do that I look at and say "Oh, they're 9 minutes long. Sweet, I can knock that over easy." But the video length does not interpret to the difficulty, because I can guarantee that at the end of those 9 minute videos, I will basically just faceplant the floor and hope that the video just automatically closes itself so I don't have to move anything.

Personal Review: Shu Uemura and Kerastase Haircare Routine

There are so many reasons and so many excuses as to why we don't properly pay attention to our haircare routine, but don't you want to be able to whip your hair back and forth and have a hair flick so good it's like you've just walked out of a slow motion shot of a Hollywood film? 'Cos I definitely do.

Equality is not a concept.

We need equality. We need it now. We need to stop acting how the layers of clothes we wear define how much we are allowed to talk about.

Prude vs. Pride

I am comfortable in my own skin in those moments, I embrace the way that I look and feel that it is appropriate to comment on it. The issues of self esteem and the so-called guidelines of feminine beauty that are written in so many blogs, opinion articles and magazines don't apply to me. No one gets to tell me that I am doing wrong when they don't exactly compute what it is that I am attempting to say or show in the first place.

Looking back, I see a setting sun, and watch my shadow fade into the floor…

I began my 2016 with the typical mindset everyone begins a new year with. I'll be a better version of myself. I'll exercise more. I'll travel more. I'll let go of the guy who clearly can't choose me and be a strong independent woman. I'll stop pining over my terrible ex. And then I promptly followed that mindset with seven Jagerbombs and was squatting with a deck chair over my head by 3:00am.

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